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Certified Technicians with Years of Experience


At Sunday Communications, we’re experts in the installation and trouble- shooting of a wide range of network cables, including Category 3 Voice, Category 5, Category 6, 5e, and Fiber Optic cables. Our meticulous approach includes thorough testing and certification of all cable installations, ensuring compliance with EIA/TIA 568B standards and addressing potential issues such as cross-talk, cable length, impedance, attenuation, and loop resistance.

We utilize premium patch panels and inserts sourced from leading manufac- turers like Lucent Technology/Avaya and Hubbell, enhancing both performance and aesthetics while ensuring long-term reliability.

With a team of certified technicians specializing in the installation and maintenance of major PBX/PABX telephone switches, we’re equipped to handle programming, configuration, and integration of various PBX systems and accessories, including voicemail and remote access systems.

From the initial design phase to premise wiring and comprehensive testing, our engineers and installation technicians are dedicated to delivering excellence at every step. Combining superior workmanship with cost-effective, high-quality products, Sunday Communications crafts cabling systems that guarantee reliability and optimal performance for your voice and network projects.